Fishing and Flinging!

The winner gets one of these!

The winner gets one of these!

This weekend is our spring fling, but with the rain drops comes tear drops!  We had a great plan for Fun at Wateree Lake RV Park and Marina.  We can salvage the movie Frozen, playing tonight in the camp store… and we have moved our Corn Hole & Horseshoes to tomorrow ~ to accompany the 200 Egg Easter Egg Hunt!    (It will be interesting to figure out 200 spots to hide the eggs).  The winner gets one of the little guys in the photo.  (ok… not really)  The forecast is downpours all night long and clouds with showers tomorrow. A chilly and rainy start to the weekend, but fingers crossed that we may be able to dodge the showers to fit some planned stuff in tomorrow.




As for the fishing… according to DNR SC

  • Catfish: Fair to good. Captain Rodger Taylor reports that everything seems to be running a couple of weeks behind this year, and even though we are entering a good time of year for targeting big fish anchoring up the river on Lake Wateree that bite has not turned on yet. Better numbers of fish have been found on the shallow margins near the main channel as well as further back in the creeks, where drifting in 7 to 15 feet of water is a productive pattern. Anchor fishing in the lower lake will also be productive, and cut threadfin or gizzard shad is a good bait choice.

Spring has Sprung in SC

ImageI’m saying good bye to the cold.  Today marks the first day of spring. It officially begins at 12:57 p.m., just a little while ago.  I have put all the bulky bedding, that takes up so much space in our little Airstream, away for the season.  Woo hoo, I can move again in our sleeping quarters.

The campsite we manage, Wateree Lake RV Park & Marina, is slowly gearing up for the busy season and I have the feeling people will start their vacationing as early as possible this year!  Reservations are rolling in this week.  The unusual cold for South Carolina and the outrageous snow amounts up North has made many beyond ready for fun in the sun.  For some snow  is still not out of the picture, but it’s feeling like spring here and because of that we can celebrate with some fun spring facts!  

The first day of spring is called the vernal equinox. What does that stand for you ask? ‘Vernal’ is Latin for spring while ‘equinox’ is Latin for ‘equal night’.

The idea that the first day of spring is exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness rarely works. There is always a time when it is exact, but experts say it usually occurs before the vernal equinox.

If you stand on the equator today, you would see the sun pass directly overhead. It only happens twice a year in spring time and autumn.

Can you really stand a raw egg on its end today? Well, yes. But, most experts say if you are patient enough, you can stand an egg on its end any day.

The first day of spring in the southern hemisphere is the date of the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, usually in September.

The reason there is more daylight during the spring is the earth’s axis tilts toward the sun at this time of year.

Another reason for more daylight? Daylight Saving Time. The United States begins saving daylight on the second Sunday in March. The practice started in 2005.

Benjamin Franklin first proposed Daylight Saving Time in 1784.

The first spring flowers are typically daffodils, dandelions, lilies, tulips, iris and lilacs to name a few.

Spring fever is not just a saying. Experts say the body’s makeup changes due to different diets, hormone production and temperature.


It’s been along time since I rock n roll

Well it’s been a long time…  since I have last posted a blog entry.  

Not as much fun as Rock n Roll, I will admit.  But, that’s what happens when you turn “forty something”  You go from Lively to Laid Back.  The only excuse I have for slacking is that we have been so very busy.  Trying to pull things together for the start of the spring and busy season at Wateree Lake RV Park & Marina, has kept us busy.

That being said, I am going to try to post weekly.   (Write that down…)

We changed the clocks back this weekend and the forecast is looking good, lots of sunshine in the mix to enjoy the extra hour.  (I won’t mention the loss of sleep, we all know the sentiment there….)

We had tons of rain last week which created some deep water.  Wateree Lakes banks are full!

Image Image

Trolling Wateree Under the Bridge, #2

Homemade Ghostshrimp Jig

Homemade Ghostshrimp jig aka the Crappie Slayer

Here we are again. With temperatures all over the board, fish have been responding accordingly. On the 16th of February water temp was 42°, 2° lower than last report. However, last week she was up to 48°. Now that’s better, and heading in the right direction to get those “biggins” on the hook. Water clarity is still somewhat murky.

Lake activity has been sporadic these past few weeks. Will be able to talk with other “die hard’s” more once WATEREE LAKE RV PARK AND MARINA’s sites start filling up.  I will then get more of a vast knowledge of what’s biting out there. Second hand fishing information is better than none at all, however. Once these fish start “jumping” i will include more pics and links for majors and minors.
I’ve included a picture of my ghost shrimp jig, still in “bait-a” stage! The beaded design both looks and moves very lifelike in water. Proprietary design but may have to dabble in producing some for sale in near future. 
Till next time –“fish on”

Trolling Wateree Under the Bridge, A weekly fishing story by Ron


Maraboo Jib

As this beautiful Saturday comes to a close, it marks the beginnings of the next chapters in my life. I told my fiancée that I would add a weekly fishing report to her Lake Wateree blog. True to my word, here we go.

Water clarity is still a little cloudy today but noticeably improving as the week closes. Water temperature is 44° Fahrenheit @ a depth of 3′. Slow to rise this year with the atypical winter we’ve experienced so far. I saw air temperature @ 9° F last week, “brrrr”, that’s chilly. Noticed some flies hatching on land today indicating to me, its coming soon.

With temperatures on the rise, the crappie should be soon to follow. Minnows or small shiners always work but I’ve always jigged them best. White marabou suspended 2′-3′ down off a cork bobber, with a little “chop” to the surface. Will follow up on my custom tied “ghost shrimp” jig. If it works as great as looks and moves, I will include some pictures next week.

Seeing some true “trollers” working the channel for striped bass with no noticeable results, however. Most of this action will follow later in the year. However, I did notice some sizeable shad breaking water around the docks early. Something big was pushing that school around.

Catfish have been “hit or miss” since arriving last August. With the most noticed activity just past dusk. They are finicky but cut bait or live bait anchored  down will result in some fine fresh eating size cats. Don’t be afraid to try some poultry livers in a old pair of panty hose. Ask the “better half” first to keep the fighting on the water.

This blog will be in memory of the greatest fisherman I had the luxury to learn from, my father. Fish on Dad! I know its a constant major where you are.

Camping, Career, Community, Creation, Catch

Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

Chrissie here, 2014 is the year. A New Place in a New Time.
Beginning here, I must say that it amazes me the way you are put in the right place, at the right time.  It’s got to be somehow, all mapped out, somewhere….  Somewhere over the Rainbow?   Probably so, but mostly it’s all Wateree Under the Bridge!

I am forty something, an oldie but a goodie, as you will see, eventually,  from my 100 Things about Me.

A brief synopsis: Sometime last year we (meaning Ron and I) decided to pack it all up, get rid of the clutter, and move into “The Spirit of 76”.   What the heck is a Spirit of 76? you ask.   It’s a 1976 Vintage Airstream that we happened upon.  When?  You guessed it.   The right place, at the right time and the name of our Airstream, not just a play on words.

A great starting point for my new blog, Wateree Under the Bridge.

Camping. The Airstream is currently Camped at Wateree Lake RV Park & Marina. Where we know how to play!

Career. I work for the above-mentioned RV Park. An interesting change of events in life, that just fits and a new endeavor feels like play.

Community. We are living the “Airstream Way”, as they say. I bet you would be surprised at the size & dedication of the Airstream community ~ I had no idea. Not to mention, the VERY HISTORIC area surrounding the place we call home.

Create. Tie Dye Cross-stitch? Never heard of it! Read ahead and you will soon understand my dedication to my stitches. I sell them all on my newly created website, Ebay, Etsy and any other avenue I can jump on. Traditional work, as well.

Catch. Trolling Wateree Under the Bridge. A weekly fishing story about Lake Wateree, S.C., from the Lake, looking in!

Need I say more!